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11 weeks of effective learning

The course named “Machine Learning”, created by Professor Andrew Ng is one of the most popular courses on the Internet. Since its first publication, more than 8 million learners have signed up. Initially, the course was available on YouTube but after some time it has been moved to Coursera.
The course is split into 11 weeks during which students learn about e.g. Linear Regression, classification algorithms, Neural Networks, debugging problems, how to improve existing machine learning systems accuracy. The course consists of three main types of entities: video lectures, quizzes and programming assignments. In the following article, you can find my final thoughts after accomplishing the Machine Learning course.

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Aligning, resizing and normalization

It’s time to start implementing support for recognizing gestures with neural networks. As I mentioned in the previous post, I had seen some potential problems. After two days of work, I can finally write that those problems are solved. In this post, I’ll describe how I solved the problem of different drawing area location. In the second paragraph, I’m going to describe implemented resizing strategy. At the end, in the third part, I’ll write some words about flattering gestures and values normalization.

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Artificial Intelligence on the board

In the previous post, I mentioned that the next thing developed in the Aksesi project will be a management console. After submitting that post, I realized that it is going to be another boring application with 90% of its logic encapsulated in CRUD operations. When I decided to take part in Get Noticed competition, my main goal was to learn new things. To make a long story short. The next step won’t be management console; the next step will be gesture recognition with Artificial Intelligence usage.

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