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Handling user gestures

During the short planning session I decided that at first I should implement gestures handling in the front-end application. This feature will be developed with jQuery library.

There are a few strategies how to detect sequence of gestures. First one assumes that the application recognizes mouse movement and, basing on the time between each of the moves, is able to establish if a gesture drawing is completed. This solution has some limitations. The main one is a problem with splitting moves into separate ones. If a user moves a pointer to the top and backward, as preparation to the next gesture (due to e.g. screen resolution), then application won’t be able to recognize that the top-bottom move shouldn’t be treated as part of the password.

Second strategy bases on mouse buttons. Application recognizes the pointer movement as a gesture only when the button is pressed. Releasing button means the end of the gesture and then application could prepare for the next one. This strategy is nowhere near as hard to implement as the first one. As far as I know there are no limitations so let’s try to implement it.

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