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my name is Mateusz Brycki, I’m an IT student and programmer with a few years of commercial experience. I’ve been into programming since the last years of the primary school.

My programming interests focus mainly on the back-end programming – from simple WWW pages to the big enterprise web applications. In the recent months, I spend a great deal of time studying microservice architecture and artificial intelligence solutions.

As you can see in the main header of this page I put the slogan “from passion to profession”. It should be an advice about how you should treat all of the posts on this blog. Some of them are written as a research work, others, as a documentation for resolved problems that required more effort than expected. For long years I’ve been putting my notes on a hard drive, cloud or paper cards. One day I decided to formalize them and share with other developers.

All of the articles I publish mainly in 4 categories:

Not only do I write posts, but also I share interesting links which I’ve found on the Internet. I try to add there only valuable and substantive links. For more details, please visit Links tab.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via mateusz@mateuszbrycki.com or contact form.

You can also find me on: