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Live templates in JetBrains products

“Live Templates” is one of many features that JetBrains software comes with. It is common that developers need to repeat certain lines of code over and over again. When you are fed up with writing the same piece of code every time you need it, then you start looking for it in the sources to simply copy and paste it. Not only is this very time-consuming, but also frustrating. It is easy to imagine that you need to repeatedly use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V when in a hurry, and using a mouse to select a text makes it even harder. In such cases, live templates can save your time.

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11 weeks of effective learning

The course named “Machine Learning”, created by Professor Andrew Ng is one of the most popular courses on the Internet. Since its first publication, more than 8 million learners have signed up. Initially, the course was available on YouTube but after some time it has been moved to Coursera.
The course is split into 11 weeks during which students learn about e.g. Linear Regression, classification algorithms, Neural Networks, debugging problems, how to improve existing machine learning systems accuracy. The course consists of three main types of entities: video lectures, quizzes and programming assignments. In the following article, you can find my final thoughts after accomplishing the Machine Learning course.

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